When purchasing false eyelashes, we automatically sway towards glue eyelashes which, let’s face it can be tricky and messy to apply. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a growing trend towards magnetic lashes, but why? 

Well firstly it’s important to explain how they work. You always need a magnetic liquid eyeliner to attach the lashes.

One of the most appealing concepts to magnetic lashes is that there is little mess in comparison to glue. They are much more likely to stay in place and need re-adjusting throughout the day which makes them much more wearable. Furthermore, the hygiene factor is a big plus, as they don’t use glue this vastly reduces the risk of eye and skin infections. 

Also, as you don’t need to use glue they can easily be re-used. You are using magnetic eyeliner to attach the lashes on your own lashes.The lashes are carefully designed to last up to 30 applications making them not only a cheaper option but also better for the environment. However, this does depend on their quality and how well you take care of them. 

One of the main issues with magnetic lashes is the lack of flexibility, it can be difficult to position them to follow the curve of your natural lashes. The embedded magnets means they can’t be bent or re-shaped without compromising the effectiveness of the magnetic clip. This issue can make applying them a little bit difficult and can make them appear fake which goes against the concept of wanting to look natural. 

Significant practice is needed when applying magnetic lashes, in fact they can actually be more effort when they are worth. You must ensure the magnets are aligned in order for the lashes to clip together in place, it takes a lot of re-adjusting to not only get them in the position you want but also to ensure they are securely clipped together. 

All in all, many of us will continue to use glue on eyelashes, they might be messy, and you may need to re-apply glue whilst you are wearing them. However, magnetic lashes can appear much more falsified in comparison to eyelashes applied with glue. Ultimately, we want fake lashes to enhance and create a bold look on top of our natural look and shape of our eyelashes. Hence, until the flexibility of magnetic eyelashes is adjusted, it is highly likely many of us will purchase glue eyelashes simply because of final appearance you can achieve with them.