When applying these instructions, it is important to know that the quality of your eyelashes plays a major role up when sticking false eyelashes Don’t get ripped by buying cheap Chinese eyelashes and choose quality brand eyelashes such as LASHIDA.

Clean your hands.

Carefully remove the strip of fake eyelashes from the packaging with your hand or use tweezers. Put it on your eyelid as a test to see if the length is correct and to determine whether you should cut it (this can also be done afterwards). 

The strip of fake eyelashes should start a few millimeters in front of your inner corner of the eye and should not go beyond the outer corner of your eye. Make sure you use the right side of the eyelash strip. There is a short and long side.

On the lash band, gently apply a little glue and wait 20 to 30 seconds. Try not to touch hairs with the glue to keep your false lashes in good condition. This way you can reuse it more often.

Then you use tweezers or lash applicator to apply it gently and well on the skin above your own lashes. Just place it where your own lashes start.

If necessary, cut the strip to length. Make sure you use the right side of the strips. Often the eyelash has a "long" and a "short" side.

Press the lash strip lightly with your clean finger

Once you've glued both lashes, you can fill in the gaps above the lash band with a liquid eyeliner.

As a finishing touch, you can use mascara for more volume and length