Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Real Mink and Faux Mink? Mink is an English word for the animal Mink and Real mink stands for REAL Mink (hair from the tail of a mink). Although eyelashes with real mink hair look more natural and fluffy and last longer, they also have some disadvantages. These drawbacks weigh so heavily that most women still opt for Faux Mink fake eyelashes.

Below the disadvantages of Real Mink lashes


Very expensive: A set starts from 200-500 Dollar

They are delivered uncurled (so extra work), because you have to keep curling them every day.

They need a lot of maintenance

Not cruelty free & Vegan


What is Faux Mink?


Faux Mink is the most popular and widely used lash type used by many famous lash artists around the world. It contains premium synthetic materials to best mimic the quality and fineness of Real Mink hairs. It is a vegan and animal-friendly technique that has improved over the years.


They come in different lengths, thicknesses and curls and have good flexibility. Depending on the length you choose, they can look very natural. Unfortunately, the quality of Faux Mink is not the same everywhere. Quality Faux Mink lashes are not offered everywhere. 


That is why it is important to try different types of Faux eyelashes to experience the difference in quality for yourself. There are cheaper and more expensive brands on the market. The more expensive eyelashes are paid higher purchase prices, so it is not surprising that the consumer also pays a little more for this. Of course, you get the best fake eyelashes in return. On average they cost around 20 Dollar. When used correctly, you can reuse them 15-25 times, so it's well worth the money.


What shoud I buy?


We recommend that you go for real Faux Mink fake eyelashes. They are nicely curled, eyes natural and there are different types of False eyelashes. Pick one that suits your eyes and you won't regret it.